Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Michael Herman blogs the Pledge

Michael Herman has just blogged our Pledge here. Michael works as executive facilitator, consultant, coach, and colleague, in meetings, markets and movements, in groups, organizations and communities -- to get the most important things done, in the easiest possible ways.

Here's what he wrote:

Support CatComm at PledgeBank


PledgeBank is doing this year, in grand style, much of what a number of us have been working on since last year, in small ways, as SmallChangeNews. Theresa Williamson, an Omidyar Network friend and colleague has posted this there:

“I will set up a $10 monthly donation to CatComm (or $120 annually) but only if 399 other people will too, and only if one philanthropist will match our joint donations dollar for dollar.” — Theresa Williamson, Founder and Executive Director

Deadline to sign up by: 31st December 2005 So far… 39 people have signed up, 360 more needed

Meeting this pledge will make CatComm permanently sustainable! It’s as simple as $10 a month! Catalytic Communities’ mission is to develop, inspire and empower a global network of communities generating and sharing solutions.

CatComm connects communities through spaces both physical and virtual. The “Casa,” our model networking hub in Rio de Janeiro offers a space for face-to-face events and Web access for community leaders across that metro region, while our Community Solutions Database and other online tools make searchable, detailed, community-generated solutions to everyday challenges available across languages and borders.

Theresa and CatComm are doing some really fantastic work in Rio. We could use more of her model up here in the States and elsewhere around the world. This funding will help make that possible. Please support CatComm as you are able!

- Michael Herman


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