Tuesday, December 06, 2005

What Demetri said...

Here is what friend Demetri Bonaros wrote his friends about the CatComm Pledge earlier today (thanks, Demetri!)...


Catalytic Communities (http://www.catcomm.org/) is a DC and Rio de Janeiro-based non-profit organization facilitating the sharing, across languages and borders, of community solutions to everyday challenging problems. Theresa Williamson, CatComm's founder, has set up an online pledge of $10/month for 2006 ($120 for the whole year) and is looking for 399 others to join by Dec. 31 to join her (www.pledgebank.com/catcomm). Currently 60 people have signed the pledge. If CatComm makes its goal of 400 pledges by December 31, one of these 400 folks will
win two round-trip tickets & accommodation for a 7-day visit to Rio de Janeiro in 2006!

During the holiday season, this is our chance to support a terrific organization while giving ourselves a respectable shot at a week-long vacation in Rio.

You can go to www.catcomm.org and www.pledgebank.com/catcomm for more information about the organization and the pledge; and, even if you don't sign the pledge, please forward this to others you know who may be interested.

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