Thursday, December 08, 2005

What Jean said in her blog...

Today Jean Russell, consultant and life coach, posted on her blog:

Pledge for catalytic communities

Do good and a chance to go to Rio!

Pledge a small gift of $10 a month or $120 a year to Catalytic Communities, a very innovative nonprofit, based in Brazil and accessible globally, helping community organizers to share resources, document efforts, and gain visibility. This is leveraged gifting, people. By helping Catalytic Communities, you help the small and local community organizers who depend on this important community resource. Further, Catalytic Communities collaborators began this fall to model what they do so more physical spaces can open. Additionally, they can expand their reach and the usability of the community project database.

The pledge!
More about Catalytic Communities.
More about the Rio trip for pledge signers.
Check out the blog of updates on the pledge.


Blogger Gi said...

Olá Theresa, aqui é a Gisele Goldstein, da Virginia Tech, desculpe invadir assim o blog da catcomm, mas estou tentando te enviar emails e todos estao voltando pra mim... Se vc puder me passar um email alternativo ou me mandar o seu skype pra que eu possa te adicionar, poderemos por em pratica nossa ideia do orkut.

Um abraço,

7:51 PM  

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